Think Big Thoughts And Produce Big Results

All Things Are Thoughts Acted Upon

Think Big Thoughts And Produce Big Results, because all things are thoughts acted upon. Where did everything come from? There are millions and billions, trillion or uncountable of material things in this world in all shapes and sizes. Where did the things come from? Clearly, they were all shaped into what they are by human thought and action.

Almost Everything Material is Human Thought Acted Upon

It’s human thought acted upon that has created maga malls, skyscrapers, ships planes and all material things that exist out there. Thought is the originator of every invention, innovation or discovery known to a man. The bigger you will think, the bigger things you will do. So, do think big thoughts and produce big results.

 Magic of Thinking Big

Dr. David J Schwartz wrote a beautiful book Magic of Thinking Big in 1959. This classic book continues to inspire many many people even today. In this book David talks about how our beliefs can change our destiny and how our thoughts can shape and break us. About thinking and thoughts David Schwartz says, “The thinking that guides your intelligence is much more important than how much intelligence you have

Books Inspire and Teach Us

Many wonderful books, such as David Schwartz’s above mentioned book, inspire us and make us take action. No doubt about it. But some books go on to say that you can move a mountain by thinking that you can, or you can move a mountain by believing you can. No, I say. You can not just sit there and hope for the mountain to move on its own. No, you have to take action. Is it possible for you to move a mountain in your lifetime by action? Is it a realistic or worthwhile dream to move a mountain? If the answers are no, then why worry about moving a mountain.
Move the things that matter. Do the things that matter, the things that make difference in your life and other people’s lives. Thoughts with actions have the magical ability to bring the things into reality. Do take control of your thoughts and do think big thoughts and produce big results.


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