Is Success a Journey or A Destination?

Is success a journey or a destination? 

A questionnaire was sent to 1,134 men and women asking them a question. The question was—“Is success a journey or a destination”. 926 of them said that it was a destination.

Should we think of success a journey or a destination? Let’s take a close look, whether we should think of success a journey or a destination.

When we look at success as a destination, we make ourselves miserable as we are trying to achieve success. Even when we achieve success, we are still not happy. Why? Because we forget that success must be enjoyed as we are experiencing success, the journey must be enjoyed. 

Just as our life is a journey, similarly, the success is also a journey. Success is a journey, a journey that we must learn to enjoy. When we reach our goal or we reach our destination, we must set ourselves up for a new journey or a new goal. We must learn to enjoy this journey while we are travelling on the road of success. 

If you have decided to take a trip to the land of success, then you must get excited to take the trip. You must get ready for the trip by learning, training, or polishing your skills. And never forget to enjoy while you are on the road to success because, success is a journey not a destination.

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