Patience Is Not a Virtue But Action Is

Patience Is Not a Virtue But Action Is

In life, more often than not patience is not a virtue but action is. If we wait for things to take shape on their own, or wait for them to happen on their own, they will never happen and we will never get what we want out of life.

Patience Equals Cowardice and Procrastination

I understand that some people will disagree with me, but, as I see it, patience gives birth to cowardice and procrastination. Thinking that patience is virtue, we tend to put things off until tomorrow. We delay the matters on the name of patience. We become fearful of taking action and our patience kills our momentum, turning us into lazy people.

Don’t Just Wait But Train and Practice

Although, at times, patience can be a virtue and haste can become waste, but mostly patience is not a virtue but action is. If we are thinking about our upcoming action or we are planning the action in detail before we do take action, then that patience surely can be a virtue. But for the most part action is a king, a virtue. And patience, when compared to action the king, is a vice or a sin. Get rid of the vice, patience. Adopt the virtue, Mr. action.

Take Action and Cure Fear

Action cures fear, action gives you results and by looking at the results we will know where we stand and what next action we can take in order to achieve our goals. If you are training, preparing or refining or polishing your skills so that you can succeed, that is not patience. That act of training, preparing, refining or polishing is an action too. Do take more action and don’t sit there being patient because patience is not a virtue but action is.
By Kuldip Rai
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