Overcome Your Fears Before They Overcome You: 15 Points

Overcome Your Fears Before They Overcome You: 15 Points

How can you overcome your fears? What can you do to overcome your fears.  Most of us are fearful of something, although of different things. We have many many fears such as a fear of death, a fear of illness, a fear of change, a fear of criticism, of rejection, a failure, success, poverty, a fear of speaking in public, a fear of snakes, ladders, heights, spaces and thousands of other things.
Most of our fears don’t serve us. They don’t make us take action. They don’t make us win. They keep us in poverty, and they disconnect us from our fellow human beings. They destroy our self-confidence, focus and mental equilibrium.
In this post, I like to give you 15 points to help you overcome your fears.

Point 1. Analyze Your Fears, Check Reality

The first thing to do to overcome  your fears is to check reality. Ask your trusted friends or family members if your fears make any sense at all. Our foolish courage can imperil us, while our healthy fears can protect us. Some fears are rational while others are irrational. It is wise to take counsel of your rational fears. You don’t wanna jump into deep water when you don’t know how to swim. You don’t want to jaywalk across a busy highway, when you know doing that would mean risking your life. In these situations fear serves you. You certainly don’t want to take action when you know your failure or death is certain. Our foolish fears get us into trouble while our prudent fears protect us from troubles. knowing what fears are foolish and what fears are prudent, you can learn to focus on your foolish fears and you can learn to overcome them.

Point 2. Irrational Fears=mismanagement of Our Imagination

Realize that our irrational fears hinder our progress, and make us weak. They become stumbling blocks in our path to happiness, success and fulfilment. Many of us have uncontrolled, undirected imagination and our minds are full of irrational fears. We become fearful of taking action because of what may or may not happen in the future. We create fantasies and false expectations in our minds. Fear is a liar. Fear has been described as FEAR false evidence appearing real. So do realize that fear is a mismanagement of our imagination.

Point 3. Fear is a Bully, Do Face The Bully:

Think of fear as a bully. As long as you are afraid of a bully, it will keep on intimidating you, it will keep on scaring you. You need to turn around and look the bully in the face. When you stop and look the bully in the face, his strength disappears. Bully takes strength from your flight, he is used to intimidate fearful people. Become strong. Face the bully head on, and make the bully named fear back down and overcome your fears.

Point 4. You Are the Host while fear is a guest

Remember fear is a guest, and you are the host. Don’t let the guest dictate you and take control of you. Remember you are the owner of your mind and body and you have the control of it. Don’t let the unwanted guest named fear come in and control your house named body and mind. Only you can keep control of your body and mind, and only you can allow negative emotions and feelings to come in and control you. Do stay in control and don’t let the unwanted guests come in and control you. Keep control of the unwanted guests named fears and overcome your fears.

Point 5. Take Action Despite of Fear

We all become fearful of things from time to time. Successful and courageous person is not the one who never gets afraid but is the one who takes action in spite of fear. It’s natural for you to avoid things that scare you but approach of avoidance will keep you stuck in your fears. You need to stand back and look at your fears. You need to take whatever doable step you can take now to face your fears. Take action despite the fear. Look the fear in the face, meeting him eye to eye and make the death of fear certain. The best defense from fear is the best offence. When you truly make up your mind to destroy your fears and you continue to take action after action towards those fears, you will conquer them. You will overcome your fears.

Point 6. Take Baby Steps If You Need to

Everyone is different. Some people are strong and they can break through any of their fears while others allow the fears to take over them. If you belong to a latter category, you can get better at managing your fears by taking baby steps. If you are afraid of darkness, heights, closed spaces, dogs, spiders or anything, slowly get used to the activity or a thing by taking small baby step at a time. Keep doing the things you fear. Keep taking action toward your fears, no matter how small your actions may be. In life, any obstacle or fear can be overcome if you persist. So do persist with your efforts to overcome your fears and you will be rewarded.

Point 7. Change Your Thoughts to Positive

Whenever you notice fearful negative thoughts trying to enter your mind, interrupt them and switch them to positive as quickly as you can.
Your positivity will help you get over your fears. Whenever we have irrational fears, our thinking is negative too. Any time you are fearful of something, switch your thinking to positive and stop your fear in its track.
8. Point 8. Step Out of Your Boundaries, Limitations, Or Comfort Zones

Boldness is stepping out of your boundaries and limitations day after day. Nelson Mandela once said, “The brave man is not the one who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” and Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Yes, day after day let’s continue to step out of fears and let’s continue to pursue our dreams. That’s how you can overcome your fears.

Point 9. Rework Your Memories

Realize that fear is within our bodies and minds. Look closely at your fears and phobias. How did you develop your fears? Do you recall the times when you first felt fearful of something? Neuro-scientists and psychologists know now that our past memories are not concrete and they can be changed. Go back in time and think of those past memories associated with fears. Make weird cartoons and other funny pictures around your painful past memories. Go back and forth, jumble them up, rework your past memories and get over your fears associated with those memories. When you are able to change your memories by reworking them , you will overcome your fears.

Point 10. Deal With Your Early Traumas

Some of you may have experienced some traumas early in your lives while you were growing up. Severe traumas experienced early can build triggers or anchors in our bodies and minds. At times, when something even remotely similar to your old memories happens, and your anchors associated with those memories get fired off, and you go back in time either consciously or subconsciously becoming afraid and scared. At those times we need to be aware of what is happening. A technique called collapsing an anchor can destroy the painful triggers or anchors that are built in our system. By collapsing anchors associated with fears, you should be able to overcome your fears.

Point 11. Use Affirmations or Auto-suggestions to help You Get Over Your Fears

With auto-suggestions or affirmations, we can reprogram our minds. What are affirmations.
Affirmations are carefully crafted present tense positive statements that we repeat first thing in the morning after rising and in the evening just before going to sleep. You can word your affirmations as, I am courageous. I am bold, I am brave or I am strong or I can do anything I set my mind to do. Yes, do use affirmations daily and overcome your fears.

Point 12. Move Your Body To Move Your Mind

To become strong, and to get over your fears, you must learn to move your body to move your mind. When your mind is not leading your body, then you need to use your body to lead your mind. When or if fearful act powerful. Walk with power and talk with power. Shake up your body and bring confidence and power into your mind and body and get rid of your fears or overcome your fears.

Point 13. Model, imitate or Emulate Courageous people

Watch how confident and fearless people do what they do. Watch their actions, watch how they gesture, how they walk. Get to know what makes them strong and what makes them do what they do. Ask them what makes them strong and practice what they do. By imitating the courageous people, you can become strong yourself and overcome your fears.

14. Confidence Is Power, Reclaim Your Self-Confidence

Yes, let go of your fears and reclaim your confidence. How can you be confident. To find out how you can become more confident, Watch my earlier youtube video, “15 Ways to Increase Your Self-confidence.” Your high self-confidence can keep your fears at bay or it can help you overcome your fears.

Here is that You tube video, enjoy:

15. Let Go Of Customs, Rules, Myths, and Traditions That Don’t Serve You

I think, We human beings are at fault when we teach our children or our off-springs the beliefs, myths and fears that make no sense at all. All cultures, all religions and all countries have built-in wrong beliefs, myths and fears. Recognize them and let go those rules, regulations, customs, traditions, myths and fears that make no sense at all. Only when we really let go of that unnecessary unwanted stuff–only then we will be free. Yes do overcome your fears and be free. If you don’t do that your fears will overcome you. Take action today towards your fears and be free. Take care and have a great day.

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