Don’t Worry And Be Healthy

Don’t worry and be healthy

Don’t worry and be happy became a popular adage almost 3 decades ago. The truth is that when we control our worry or we worry less, we are not only happier but we are healthier too. A link between stress and health has been studied by a number of universities and pychologists over the last few decades. Every study has confirmed that link between stress and health is a strong one. So don’t worry and be healthy.

Look at Your Life With Optimism:

When we look at our lives with optimism and we have meaning to our lives, we tend to live happier and healthier lives. Stress and worry are one of the major causes of heart disease, immune disorders and even cancer. Studies show that optimistic, happy and worry free people tend to have 50% less chances of heart attacks and strokes compared to the unhappy or pessimistic ones. So don’t worry and be healthy.

 Emotions Rule:

Emotions rule the world and emotions rule our bodies and minds too. Positive emotions create positive, happy and healthy bodies and minds while the negative emotions create sick minds and bodies. So don’t worry and be healthy.

We Control Our Emotions

The good news is that we human beings can change our emotions from negative to positve whenever we want to. All we need to do is be aware of our negative emotions. Once we are aware of our negative thoughts, we can consciously replace them with positive thoughts. We must learn to manage our minds. That’s what can make us peaceful and happy. Money can bring you a short term happiness or excitement but knowing how to manage your emotions can solve our problems for life. So let’s make up our minds to be happy no matter what happens. Let’s decide to take care of our emotions no matter what happens. And don’t worry and be healthy today.


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