Be Vigilant of What Builds Life

Be Vigilant of What Builds Life


If we want to have good, balanced and happy lives, we need to be vigilant of what builds life and what destroys life. We need to know what is pro-life and what is anti-life. I know we can not escape from our inevitable deaths. It’s going to come to us no matter what we do and how hard we try to escape it. Life is finite and we don’t know when that finiteness is going to come an abrupt end.

We need to be vigilant of what builds life and what destroys life. Because no matter what our situations, we can still choose to make our lives better by making better choices. While there is no doubt that we have not got much control over our genetics and congenital health problems, but still the choices we make on day-to-day basis do make a dramatic difference on how we live.

The way we manage our emotions, what we put in our bodies by eating, drinking, inhaling or injecting it can make a difference between a long life or a early death. Yes we must be mindful of what thoughts we are allowing into our minds and what foods we are allowing into our bodies. Mindfulness is the first step to a better life therefore be vigilant of what builds life and what destroys life.


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